I've needed new bass strings for quite a while but am unsure of what exactly to get. Elixir heavys have really caught my interest (along with much cheaper DR's) however among with the slew of nice things i hear of them, i hear just as many negative things. i would go ahead and buy them to try but obviously their a bit expensive. i play metal (post-metal, sludge metal, drone metal, and some black metal) and tune down to C# standard and sometimes this tuning (F# F# B E with the first f# an octave lower). please share your experiences with them and describe the sound and if you have any other strings you might recommend, feel free to do so. thanks for the help.
Do you not shake the house down with that kind of tuning?
I like DRs and they dont have that terrible out of the box tone that earnie balls have.
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well because of my currently awful bass strings i cant really go down their on bass but i do the guitar equivalent for now. are there any certain DRs that are better? (ive heard the black coated ones are good)
I use DR low-riders. love them so much. you're gonna need some pretty heavy gauge strings to manage that F# tuning.

My latest Ibanez came with Elixir strings. I wouldn't say they're bad, but I really don't like the feel of them at all. just feel weird to me. If you want to try Elixir strings go to a store and play a new Ibanez. I haven't kept up on it but if it's still the same as it was in June this year all Ibanez basses come equipped with Elixir strings.
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Probably not a great choice but also not a bad choice if you're using them actively/on your main bass. I'm going to buy a set for my old 5-stringer since they are said to last a long time, and I probably won't use my 5-string very much anymore. I would suggest some DR's, I like them personally.
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I like the sound of Elixirs, but I broke my g and d strings in three months.
ive had several sets of elixers you should get very close to a year (or more maybe) depending on how often you play out of them. elixers seriously last long as crap but i dont use them for thier durability i use them for thier tone the extra life is just a bonus i guess.

they would probably work very well for drop tuning considering thier natural brightness would put you back into the mix just make sure you go one or two steps heavyer gauge

you might be suited for strings customly made for those tunings however i think warwick makes some they arent the best tone natually but probably best yoru going to get at that tuning warwick strings are also cheap so you could get two? if your stuck on elixers you wont be disapointed jsut get teh heavy gauge you will probably have to order them online
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The one thing I don't like about Elixers is that they are coated. The coating makes it easier to play, so when you go back to normal strings after you've gotten used to the elixers, it feels lik playing on barbed wire. But they are very nice strings.
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I hate the tone of the Elixirs but they do last longer than the Ernie Ball pack that i have on my P-bass.
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