I'm doing a Music Tech A Level at the moment and one of the tasks is to do a cover of a song which is between 2 - 4 mins and it has to have 8 tracks (drums counting only as 1).

I'm mainly into Rock so it'd be good if it was in that sort of style.

Does anyone have any suggestions? .
Biffy Clyro - Know Your Quarry

Instruments used:

- vocals
- guitar
- bass
- drums
- piano
- harpsichord
- violin
- cello

or the captain by the same band...
Yeah, i'm looking for something easy to record and preferably without drums.

On the same league as Green Day's Good Riddance, unfortunatly that song's already been used so i have to pick another .
maybe something like skin and bones from the foo fighters?

they always add a lot of extra instruments to that
G&L L2000

Crappy lemB102 (rotten wood included )

Fade to Black - Metallica

Fly Away from here - Aerosmith

Besame Mucho - Beatles

Love Bites - Def Leppard

Comfartably Numb - PF

Tell Me Baby - RHCP

Dunno about having 8 tracks though.

Double track every instrument?
I'm doing music tech A level as well at the moment, are you doing your AS or A2?

To get the higher grades you really need to be recording drums, I did Communication Breakdown last year and this year for A2 we have to record orchestral instruments, so I'm doing Angie by the Stones.

Also it's 8-12 tracks and each mic on a different channel counts as a track e.g. Snare, Bass drum and 2 overheads would count as 4 different tracks.
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Sweet, some good suggestions there .

I'm doing AS level and my teacher(s) say that you can do a song without drums to make it easier. They also said that the drums only count as 1 track, it'd be great if it was for each Mic but unfortunatly that's not counted .

Your probably with a different exam board, i think i'm with Edexcel.