basically im utter garbage.
1) I cant strum (i 'skipped' that when I was learning electric, i know my chord shapes, but cant strum).
2) I can fingerpick, but not quickly and not always cleanly (bron-yr-aur stomp completely blows my mind)
3) im so used to an electric guitar's neck that an acoustic neck feels fat and clumsy in my hands, which slows down my chord changes even more.

people really weren't joking when they said to start on acoustic and switch to electric.

because of these reasons, the majority of acoustic songs written are completely above my skill level on acoustic.

what can i do about this?
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How do you 'skip' strumming? That really doesn't make much sense to me.

But seriously, metronome, practice, and try playing simple songs that are for electric guitar that use power chords until you get the strumming down. Green Day is good for that. It's really simple strumming.
how did I skip strumming? I learned good riddance - green day, three little birds - bob marley, and then said I was done

then I went into riffs, riff writing, soloing and other lead techniques. its gotten to the point where I can play some ridiculous solos, but can't do anything rhythm wise involving full open or barre chords.

does anyone have any suggestions of some songs, say 80 - 120 bmp with some nice strumming? both easy and difficult, so I get a taste of both.

and then songs with quicker finger picking passages. Apparently the best way to learn new techniques is through song, so that will probably be the best way.
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The Bible is awesome. Revelation is so badass, I mean, dragons and angels and the devil having an epic battle in the clouds? Badass.
It all just down to alot of practice really. Not sure quite where you are up to but first learn to play chords cleanly and just practice up / down strumming until you get the hang of it. Also practice changing between chords and if you mess it up remember to keep strumming and try again. The worse thing to do is stop strumming.

Once you have learn that you can learn strumming patterns and you can then play songs. It takes a while to learn it all but is worth it once you do.
For me strumming felt weird when I started too. Especially on my acoustic where it felt there was too much resistance from the strings. I think alot of people forget how weird it was when they started as after a month or less it becomes like second nature. My tips;

* Get yourself a ridiculously light pick. The lightest you can find! It will be best to switch up to a heavier pick later when you get use to it as they offer a better sound usually and give you more versatility to play a little bit of lead and such in between.
* Get a guitar pro tab or such of some interesting rhythm and then break it up so that your right hand is constantly moving up and down and just missing strums to make the rhythm. Most rhythms can be broken up into this. I think I remember trying to learn the rhythm to Knock Me Down by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it took me ages but helped me alot. Once you learn a fairly complicated rhythm you'll find other alot easier.
* Try and hit the strings as lightly as possible when you strum. I think alot of beginners try to strum too hard. Actually it seems that beginners always tend to play any instrument too loud if you ask me, piano, drums, harmonica, recorder, vocals ect.

Hope that helps. You will get it obviously. Unless your missing an arm you can strum eventually.
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Practice with a metronome. Find a song you like and play it with the metronome set at a slower speed than the song is actually played. Practice strumming and chord transitions until you can do them well then increase the tempo on the metronome. It will take some time.

Honestly, I don't know how you skipped over basic rhythm guitar methods. A good lead player is also a good rhythm player. Don't let anyone tell you differently. You will find your lead chops will improve as you get better playing rhythm.
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