I currently have a line 6 Spider which is basically garbage so I'm looking to get a new one for xmas. I am mostly into metal and I would say I'm looking for one in the 300-600 price range. I live in a dorm so I don't need a very loud one or big one. What would you guys recommend? Thanks for the help.
If I were you, I'd just buy a modeling amp, and save all that money for a gigging amp when you need it. Im in the same position; I stay in a dorm and dont need a big/loud amp. My Peavey Vypyr 15 does everything I need it to, plus more. It's great for metal, trust me.
I run a peavey 5150 2x12 in my dorm, and everyone who doesn't like it can turn their own damn music down. I realize the two are not equitable, but hey..
I'd watch out for something like this