Hey, I have been playing guitar on and off for about a year and a half now and have finally decided that its about time I started to learn properly rather than just mess around with tabs and be generally rubbish all the time...

The trouble is I am struggling to do this my current guitar (an Epiphone SG-400) as without any hollow body there is no ring to the notes, and with it plugged in I am stuggling to really develop accurate technique and tone control.

There for I am looking to but a new guitar, either electro-aco or semi-solid - but cant really decide which one. Both have there merits and downsides for learning and any help from any angles on suggestions from more experienced players would be appreciated.

That is of course the other option... but i want to keep it electric to maximise the use i can get out of one guitar... being a poor student I cant keep affording new ones, even fiarly cheap ones
I'm not getting why you think a hollowbody is entirely necessary here. How does that impact your learning?
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Get an Electro acoustic?

Acoustic is probably the best to learn on for building proper technique + finger strength!
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I just recently bought a d-series takamine, that's the entry level series. It's a great guitar, electro-acoustic as well. I definitely recommend it.
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