Ive been playing a year and abit now, and i rekon ive made okay progress?
i can play a few satch songs as in Cryin, Always With Me Always With You and a few others, i can play half of Canon Rock, Wishful Thinking by John Petrucci.
and most of Lotus Feet and For The Love Of God by Steve Vai.

i struggle to finish some of the harder ones on that lists, due to about 20 second fast riffs or whatever which spoils it from me learning the song which is rubbish.

recently ive started practicing my alt picking by doing "The Spider" for about 10-20mins or so. ive also began working on scales, although my knowledge of them at the moment is close to nothing

ive made up little practices to go up and down the fret board and give me good stretches etc.

and then practicing with a metronome etc ive tried a simple 1-2-3-4 up and down the fret board with alt picking and only managing 80bpm and on my good days im making it just above 90 but i cant seem to push myself to get abit more.....

maybe if you could recommend me some more practices or songs which help develop these skills abit more. I know theres probably about 500 threads asking for this, but i apologize. i just think you guys would know alot better than i would.....
There are plenty of exercises around. There are some on my website (link below), some on the forums here, and you could always google for some.

Always play them to a metronome, and start slowly- and you can't push yourself to go faster, because you shouldn't be "pushing". Speed comes naturally once you've worked on accuracy.

Either way, speed shouldn't be your main goal. You should be playing for the music.
are you practicing your songs with your metronome? i find that way too many new players can "play" some hard songs, but they're play them out of time.

try recording youreslf and listening back to it. that helped me play better than anything. killing yourself over technique only get you so far. you gotta learn to play with your own feeling.
I think that practicing scales is the way to go. I used to do the spider exercise but I didn't see any improvements in my playing. With scales, I did.

There are a few articles here, in UG, which have some scales. Just search for scales and sort them by ratings.

By the way, always use a metronome
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no, ive never tried playing a song along to a metronome.
ive worked on the timing of most of my songs, and i rekon ive got them in time

except a bit in Wishful Thinking. which ill work on.

im not trying to just build speed. but focus on the music, there are songs which mean alot to me in a way but yet to hard for me to play, so to beable to get the skill to play them would make me enjoy guitar and the whole concept of playing in a whole new level, and will advance me to new levels of playing.

i think the spider exercise has helped a little, ive noticed i can play it going down and up very quickly now, i dont know if it will help my guitar playing in songs but we shall see.

hmm okay, i'll take a look at practicing scales with a metronome. work on that for a week or two, and see how much improvement it makes
i usually do about half an hour of exercising , only started doing it a week or 2 ago. i know i started late, then another hour or 2 playing songs and working on timing and new pieces etc.
^ if you don't have a physical metronome, there are plenty of them online for free.

Just make sure you practice regularly, even if it's only 10 mins a day, it'll do more good than 3 hours once a week.

Yesss, i use the online metronome.
Im gonna try for atleast half an hour a day at max, as i dont wanna overdo it and cause injuries to my wrist/fingers or whatever.