hi everyone
i need some tips on recording live with a band in a practice room.
i can do recording at home with one guitar and a few programmes. but i need to record my band and i was wondering if i can buy a fourtrack and then send the tracks to my pc with an sd card and do some overdubs here at home.
any advice out there would be a great help.
p.s sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
You are better off in the recording forum.. but I think what you have so far sounds ok.

Just make sure you record with a metronome so that every track has the SAME timing.

Where are you recording? What stuff do they have there?

You could get a fourtrack, but you will still need the programs, and a computer... you could really just put the whole recorded file onto a USB or whatever and bring it home for editing.

Kind of need a little more clarification fo your exact scenario and what you're trying to do.