Machine head are coming to my city and i dont know anyone else who wants to go, if i cant convince anyone should i go as a lone wolf? Share your knowledge pit.

Decent concerts are rare here.
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Shows are always more fun with friends, but don't let not having any stop you.
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well I would go if there was actually a good band.

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I'm going We can like meet up and like...kiss.
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If you like them, go ahead. One is going to a concert primarily for the music.
Never underestamet the awesomeness of Lone Wolfing. Leads to good times and all you have to worry about is yourself.
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I am in a similar situation as you right now. I would say if it's not a huge drain on funds go, you'll enjoy it. It'll give you a chance to meet new people.
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Is that the Megadeth tour? Go, definately. I saw it a few weeks ago and it was great.
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if you can't find anyone to go, find cooler friends!
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I went to a Motorhead gig on saturday and had a really good time by myself. I don't really have anyone who would want to go with me anyway. I have one guy whose sort of into lighter metal and comes to some heavy metal gigs but I can never properly go crazy and just have fun because they're there and don't really want to. They do want to be there though, just not in the same part of the crowd
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Saw Machine Head a couple days ago. amazing show, just go man, you won't be worried bout your friends when you're going to be headbanging like a crazy ****.
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Go alone and maybe pick up some new friends/chicks there.

This. Also going alone means that you don't have to worry about keeping track of where everyone is if you want to dive head first into the pit.
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its not as bad as you think. just talk to people around you
Let me tell you something OP. I went to the Sasquatch Festival last year by myself and I had one of the best times of my life. Sure, it would be better with friends, but it's still gonna be awesome either way.
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Saw Machine Head a couple days ago. amazing show, just go man, you won't be worried bout your friends when you're going to be headbanging like a crazy ****.

this, plus its machine head why would you miss that, and if you get bored if no1s playing just talk to ppl around you
Don't get me wrong I love going to concerts with friends, it just adds to the experience, but if you can't find someone else to go with you don't let it stop you if you really want to go.
I go to gigs alone all the time because my mates don't want to.


If you don't, you know you'll just be sat there at home thinking 'Damn, Machine Head are playing right now...'
I'm guess you've got the vibe TS

Also when they're playing they put on an amazing live show, so you're hardly gunna be standing there trying to talk to people beside you because they'll be going crazy.

Just think of it this way you get to see an amazing show, and you don't have to worry about refinding people after the show
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Ok to reinforce what everyone else has said: Machine Head are epic live, and from my experience, everyone is at the concert to see the same bands, so there's a great sense of community about. Last festival I went to I had more fun seeing the bands I wanted to without my friends, and spoke to the guys standing next to me a bit too. You should be fine.