I'm now part of the PRS club.

Used PRS CE22 I bought from ebay. Thought the wide-fat neck would give me trouble, but I like it. The Dragon pickups are pretty versatile; I love the split humbucker dirty tones I got.
Lovely man, HNGD.
eBay is the best in the states. Over here everything is just rediculous
I'm sure it will serve you well for many years to come
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Ooo a non rotary CE, very nice!

Does it have the early neck heel too as that would indeed rule.
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Goold! Hngd!
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Because I bend in such an unorthodox fashion; the notes kinda slide up and slide down...

GOOOLD! very nice, happy new guitar day!
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Quote by halikus
Ooo a non rotary CE, very nice!

Does it have the early neck heel too as that would indeed rule.

No, it got the bigger and chunkier one. It doesn't bother me though.

Seriously, so jealous. Goldtop PRS. Thats, well, gold.
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
This thread makes me want a PRS so bad. HNGD.
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This guitar is in one word SEXY!

HNGD mate, good guitar =D
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