I'm finally at the point that I am beginning to play entire songs all the way through instead of just learning the basics, and random riffs.

The problem I'm running into now, is cramping in my picking hand. It happens in that meaty part of your hand, kind of a little ways out from the base of the thumb. It freakin' hurts!

Anything I can do to alleviate this? Or do I just keep playing and eventually my hand will get stronger and wont cramp up anymore? Something I'm doing wrong maybe?
part of the guitar experience,don't whine,just take it like a man.

Ok time for a more serious comment:
how's your blood temperature? Do you suffer a lower temperature while playing or something? It may depend on your guitarist pose,whether you're standing or sitting,how low your guitar is. There are numerous factors. What's your calcium level? Do you keep it at a proper level? Drink vitamins,it helps How's your blood pressure?Also drink a lot of water,you don't know when you might dehydrate and FEEL THE PAIN OF T3H GUITARZ
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