I got my guitar (Ibanez rgt42dx) about a year and a half ago, and have been thinking its not really for me as i cant drop-tune with the trem, and never use it anyway.
I also find the neck too thin for my taste.
I have been looking at the prs tremonti (se) and was wondering if i should sell my rg?

it sounds like you don't like your current guitar that much, so i really don't see much point in hanging on to it.

Is there any particular reason you want the tremonti? there's likely a similar option for a better price.
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Its not that i dont like my guitar, its just after trying others in stores the neck seems to thin and flat for me as i found others more comfortable.
The reason i was looking at the prs is because i love the looks of it, and have heard many times that there is nothing better for the money.