Poll: Which amp head is better?
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vox ac4tv
5 83%
blackheart bh5h
1 17%
Voters: 6.
ive been thinking of getting a new amp am im down two 2 amp heads,
-blackheart bh5h little giant
-vox ac4tv head

which amp is better, or do they both suck?
I love my Vox but don't have much experience with the Blackheart. You'll probably be glad of being able to switch down to 1/4 watt on the Vox as neither amp has a gain knob.
they dont really sound the same, so you have to try both. or give us more of an idea what you are looking for.

ive tried both. have one, almost bought the other. running them in stereo was a dream of mine for a while.

the vox is, well, vox-y sounding. i really liked it for cleans a it has a nice sound when cranked. the 1/4 W setting is very nice as it allows you to get power tube saturation without killing your ears too much.

blackheart is marshally sounding. great crunch tones from this one and the 3/5 W switch offers some nice tonal options. not really a quiet amp, but i think it has a lovely tone.