hi there! let me start by saying thanks for looking into my query.

i have just purchased and recieved a set of livewire pickups, active pickups from duncan.

i have already put a kill button on my guitar (gibson flying v), as it was before the new pickups. id like to keep it, after the pup install.

my question(s):

i have a few mods in mind.

1 is to remove the neck volume pentiomenter, and use the bridge volume as a master.
would i need to up the # of whatevers the knob is? like they came with 100k's, but if i remove one, should i bump up to 250k? also, theres already only one tone knob, should that get bumped up as well?

the second, is to re-add my kill switch (would this be any different with active pickups?) and i dont want to harm my quite new and expensive pup's. the way i did this mod was to put a normally open momentary switch, lined up between the hot wire off the input jack, and the ground wire coming off the guitar, which grounded on the volume pot im keeping.

does anyone have expierence with these type of mods, and could you please scribble down a schematic or a how to for me? id really apprecieate it.

here is the stock schematic, which isnt much help... seeing as my guitar isnt a standard LP type config...

and here is a little schem with no wiring, that is pretty much a stock v schem.

thanks so much!

p.s. here she is before the next tinker

(refinished ((by me)) 2002 v-factor.. crescent inlays, ebony board, etc. super sweet, but not satisfied with neck pickup and the bridge could be better. (stock 496r and 500t pups)


you're fine with 100k pots as master volume/tone, as the link shows
the only thing not in the diagram is the killswitch, but you can wire that the same way as you had it when you had the old pickups