I'm new to the forums and didn't see a singer's section, so I hope this thread is in the right place.

I started playing guitar couple of months ago and I've taken music lessons in school. I know the basics of music theory.

But today we got this assignment that interests me very much. The teacher told us to find out a vocal melody progression of a particular song we like. Paramore is my absolute favourite band, so I chose a song called 'Decode'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvnkAtWcKYg

The thing is that I just can't make out what chords she is singing. Can you help me? I'm not transferring my assignment to you, because our teacher said that it's OK to ask an experienced player. We're practicing guitar, so vocal melodies can be hard to recognize. Our goal is to play our favourite songs along with guitar.

Sorry my English, it's not my main language. Ask if there's something what you didn't understand.

Just play the notes on your guitar, forget the chords because I rarely see a singer singing chords.
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I'm new to the forums and didn't see a singer's section

There is. Singing&Vocals, sub-forurm of Musicians Talk.
Oh yeah, sorry. I meant notes, not chords. Is there a way to interprete the notes she is singing to something a guitarist could play?

i think TS means what key the song is in

No, actually I want to find out what notes Hayley uses. Like, this is completely made up, C, C#, D, E; and in the chorus B, A, D, G.
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I'm in no way experienced in singing but you can generally match a note which someone sang, to a note on a guitar. Then again, you have a trained ear to hear it which I don't have...

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No, actually I want to find out what notes Hayley uses. Like, this is completely made up, C, C#, D, E; and in the chorus B, A, D, G.

That's the same thing. The key defines which notes are used in a particular song.
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It seems to me that I'm way off here. So if I can find out the key in which Decode is played, I can find out the notes that Hayley Williams might have used, and by knowing the selection of notes, I can figure out what notes she sings in verses and the chorus, right?

Then I play the notes on my guitar and have fun.

Edit. And by the way, how are these notes found out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ7rFT53tZ8
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Actually to find the key you first have to figure out the notes. They're both essentially are the same thing because one defines the other. Again, I'm not that experieced in this aspect so I'm kind of limited what I tell you.

Just to make sure you're aware, you don't play the same exact notes on guitar as the notes from the vocals. If it was that easy you could just look up the tabs and you're done.
^ yeah but if you look up the tabs and know some theory you can figure out what they key is and some cover bands dont have a singer so they add another guitarist and have them play the vocal melody
Why don't you just download a guitar pro file of the song?? That's a popular song, more than likely there will be plenty of guitar pro tabs for it. One of them probably has vocals, and basically guitar pro will convert the vocal melody for you, and even display it as a guitar tab. Even if it's not the best tab, it'll give you an idea where to start if you're having troubles figuring that out yourself. If you don't have GP5... Torrents my furry little friend, torrents.

Or better yet, Power Tab is another perfect option, and free I believe.
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