Hey Folks,

I might be able to buy a 2007 epiphone sg in good condition for AU$150 without amp or anything else. I already have an amp, leads, etc. as I already play. My mate says he may not have even played once in the last year so it seems to have been barely played. To me, it seems like an awesome deal and he doesn't seem to know what it's worth so I named AU$150 and he thought that sounded alright..to the US people it would be roughly $120-$130 for you guys..i think..

Any help would be much appreciated..

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Buy it.
My friend has one of those from that year (though it has upgraded pickups) and it's an amazing guitar.
If it really is in good condition, you've got yourself a $400 (US) guitar for about 1/4 of the price.

But I guess that also depends on what model (I guess?) of the SG it is...
Still, $120 is cheaper than what you would pay for it normally.
Is it an SG special, G-310, or G-400?
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