Hey is it safe to tune my Gibson Les Paul Smartwood down to C# standard? It is not something that I would leave it in and I would only be tuned down for a little while.
yes its safe, it might not sound as good because of the string gauge and the tension, but it wont hurt your guitar
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yea i have 10's so it prolly wont sound great

ps. i saw ur icon and i wanna tune down so i can learn to play prequel to the sequel haha
10's will be fine,
I've used 9's and tuned down to B standard, drop A got fairly loose, but still play able, you'll be fine.
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i recently put a guitar in C# and it seems there are more songs in this tuning that i want to learn than i realized. since your LP has a 24.75" scale 10s will probably be too loose. i know its subjective but i bet it will still feel a bit flubbery. by all means, still do it, but in the future you'll probably be more satisfied with your tone and playability if you use bigger strings.

hooray for C#! lets share a six pack!

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I had a Gibson LP studio that I rigged for down tuning with either 12's or 13's. I can't remember because that was a few years ago and the guitar shop did it for me and I never even really payed much attention to the packages. Kind of dumb on my part but I don't have the guitar anymore due to my ***** ex-wife selling it. I'll never do that to a LP type guitar again though because those where thick strings and still felt loose to me but I'm hoping my new Ibanez RG purchase and some beefy slinky 11's will be fine for tuning up and down. Pray for me and I will for you too!