Hey UG,

I made a music video for my A2 coursework of 'Stockholm Syndrome' by Blink, this is it...


Let me know what you think...

Don't just post pointless crap like 'OMFG itz sH!t3 LOLOLoloLOlOLo'

I'm looking for a bit of constructive criticism to make it better...

I thought the video was good. The music, eh...
The video looks pretty good, especially the part with fire.

Fire's always good.

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OMFG itz sH!t3 LOLOLoloLOlOLo

I liked it

I have been beaten to it, damn you.
And I liekd it, even the song was just ok, it fit enough that I could ignore how much I would have normally disliked it.
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