I've had a DSL201 on loan for a while and unfortunately i have to give it back. I need to buy a new amp. I play a telecaster with an SD hot rails pickup. I play pop rock, pop punk and i like to noodle around with blues scales.
Im mainly a bedroom guitarist so im looking for somthing thats gonna be good at acceptable volumes, however, i would buy a powerful amp if it meant better tone.
A guitar shop close to me stocks a massive selection of amps so you can suggest anything and i should be able to try it out. Im looking for somewhere to start.
my budget is £650/$1000.
Have you looked at the blackstar ht-5?
5-watt tube, 2 channel, versatile.
And youll probably save some money, which is always goood
blackstar ht 5
vox night train
egnater rebel 30
if you can find a used orange rocker 30 look into that

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