ok christmas is right around the corner and I have a hunger for some new pedals. I play i guess what you could call southern punk (think a more angry white stripes/black keys) I currently have a visual sound liquid chorus and a dunlop classic wah.

electro-harmonix micro q-tron envelope filter
electro-harmonix big muff pi
digitech whammy pedal
danelectro fish'n'chips

^^^these are the pedals i am looking at. any more to recommend? should I stay away from any of these. OH by the way I am also a bass player so If any pedal sounds good on both that is a plus. thanks!
Big Muff is a great distortion. Consider the Russian one though - less fizz on the really high notes. Also, I think Cliff Burton might have run his bass through a big muff, but I don't know if that was the bass calibrated version. I'd hold off on the filter for now - You already have a wah. Whammy... that one's really your call. Fish n' Chips - I actually had a thread about this a while back. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1219494 Also, an eq pedal for guitar will not work on bass FYI. Guitar has much higher frequencies (obviously)
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The Whammy won't work for bass without some mods.
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i won't use the whammy for bass or the EQ. i like the q-tron sound on bass a lot because it sounds very funky. would the bass muff sound just as good on guitar? or would it not pick up the higher frequencies as well?