Hey guys...

I come in search of help with music notation...

One of our assignments for a music class I'm taking is either:
a)Composing 3 simple melodies
b) Writing a whole piece of music.

Well, being the overachiever I try to be, I took one of our bands songs and made a piano ballad version of it. The problem is I did it all by ear, and I have no clue how to write out all the music properly. I know the notes, but the worst part is probably the actual rhythm of the piece.
What do you guys suggest?
What'll make my life easier?
Well you can write out the tab version and it will make the notation out for you. You can use trial and error to figure out the rhythm.
Tap your foot make sure you know how many bars each phrase go for. Take note of this.

When you're writing it down, I guess you know the chord sequences? Write the chords above each bar.. Then figure out the first note of each bar. Make sure this si the same every time.

Gradually fill in the rest of the notes, ignoring the rhythm for now.

Go through it all again tapping your foot and highlighting each note that lands on the beat. After that I'd say put it into a free notation program like MuseScore or TuxGuitar. Put all the notes you know down and just squish the others in for now. You can edit in the notation program to get the rhythms as close as possible.

If it is swung or something, you can put at the top of the page 'Swung: quaver quaver = triplet with crotchet quaver'

Then just write everything out straight. You can also write in tr for trill or those double line thingies.

MuseScore is really good.. it has all of those signs ready for you to drag on!
TuxGuitar is free and will do the exact same thing.

If you want to know where the notes on the staff are, look at the musictheory.com link in my sig

If you want to learn about rythmic values on the staff, its in the same link.
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