Who's looking for a better way to increase their exposure?

What if I told you the internet is still the answer. Yea, I know, been there done that, right? Wanna be singers and copycat bands overload the web these days. The result… Fans have a hard time sifting through the clutter to find legitimate talent. In the end, artists fail to connect with potential fans. That's been the problem.

There's hope guys. Do your own homework and take a look at www.talentwatch.net. The way they’re going to lay this site out is going to attract a huge amount of fans. More fans equal more exposure. Like I said, do your homework.
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Like I said, do your homework.

Do yours, read the rules.


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you guys are reporting him acting like he really cares lol. im pretty sure he came in here with the intent to advertise knowing hed be banned, were not throwing him a curveball here or anything =P
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