Does anybody know of any really notable two chord only riffs from bands in the 80s (or bands from that era still around today), what I mean is a riff with only two chords, no pedal tones and no single notes at all, just two chords, I am just curious?
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About a Girl by Nirvana. That's an Em and a G played over and over again. Chorus is power chords though.

EDIT: Also the main riff for Breathe by Pink Floyd. That's an Em strummed upward, then twice, then A a couple times, but they switch between an A and another variation of A that escapes me at the moment....
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I believe should I stay, or should I go by the clash is only the D and G chords
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Sublime's "What I Got" if I remember correctly the whole song is just two chords D and G.
Isn't that one REM song two chords too? This One Goes Out to the One I Love? That's what this guy said one time, but it sounds like it's more.

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You Really Got Me by The Kinks
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I think there's a few Violent Femmes songs that are two chords too.

Add It Up is one. B A
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the intro to symphony of destruction by megadeth, arguably their most memorable riff is simply F5 and E5 with that riff incorporating that lone G note at the end.
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Also, most of "Paperback Writer" by the Beatles is based around just one chord, with a second one coming in at "he wants to be a paperback writer" so 2 chords.

Oh, and "Molly's Chambers" by Nirvana/the Vaselines, and "No Fun" by Iggy and the Stooges/Sex Pistols.

Sorry I just realised you said the 80s. In that case, I think a lot of Turnin Japanese is 2 chords. May I ask why you make such a strange request?
theres the main riff from Communication Breakdown - doesn't quite fit the description but it's close

mother pink floyd G C

but i think it tuns into more than 2 can't remember
song stuck in my head today

jane says by janes addiction. not really big in the 80s but they were around. its G to A then one of these:


and it just repeats. great song
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a while ago i was jamming with a drummer and we played a song by the National that he sung and told us how to play. It was just B and E. Anybody have any idea what it might be?

the song "Oh Comely" by Neutral Milk Hotel is nearly all just E-C