I am looking at getting a new guitar and would like some advice. I know that Seagull, Norman and Simon & Patrick are all under the same parent company but am unsure how they compare among the brands. This guitar will be an upgrade from my Art & Lutherie 6 string.

This is what I am looking for:
  • 6 string
  • cut away
  • electric pickup

The price range I am unsure, it is going to be my x-mas present from my parents and my dad's aunt is from La Patrie, where they make the guitars, so we have gotten a discount in the past.

The specific guitars I am looking at are:
Seagull Perormer Cutaway Flame Maple QI
Norman B20 CW with the electronics
S&P Vintage Burst CW Cedar HG A3.2

I know very little about the electronics ( what is good vs what is bad) so any clarification here would be helpful.

Is there anything else I should be aware of? I am going to the music store tomorrow to try out the Seagulls they don't have Normans or S&Ps
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i would go with the seagull because - like loudog93 said - it really is gorgeous. btw, i have been told that the electronics in these guitars are very similar. i'm not familiar with the particular fishman in the norman, but it's optional so would mean additional cost.