I have heard absolutely awesome things about these pedals. I currently play a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass through an SVT-3 Pro. Would adding a Sansamp Bass Driver give me that overdriven sound I desire, or would it not be worth it? I already have an awesome amp, so I am not sure my tone can get much better. Also, would the Programmable version be a better purchase?
That pedal is designed to mimic ampegs. It can indeed overdrive though, and is a great DI.

What sort of overdriven tone are you looking for? Maybe name a song or band?
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i'm also thinking of buying one so i'd like to hear this
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well i have the sansamp and my jazz bass is actually the bass i dont use it on believe it or not so if that is your only bass and you want the general tone shaping i would advice against it but if you have a cheaper bass it can make it sound like a million bucks.

however if you wanted to use it as an overdrive pedal then there really is not much on the market that can beat it especially considering it's dual purpose as a DI box wich every bass player really should have reguardless.

i strongly reccomend the ampeg RBI preamp fx however! 1 because it is amazing and two bcause you obviously are going for the geddy lee tone and he actually uses one as part of his sound like he never turns it off as far as i know. jsut add it to your FX loop so if your going for the geddy lee tone then the RBI is the one you want
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i wanted it as a DI box
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