So i looked into that recording music with a VST thread (forgot the actual name) and after sitting here for hours I still cant figure it out. Ive obtained all the necessary user manuals and what not but just trying to find the information i need is like rocket science to me.

I am an idiot. I give up. Night everyone.
thanks this seems alot closer to my language I'm foolish i know but i dont mind. Thanks mood
Make a midi recording.
open up your VST in your DAW
select the VST as the output for your channel
^ Recording with VST doesn't always mean doing midi recording.

Are you going to use it for guitar/bass?
^well if he's not using a midi recording it would be the same process but audio instead of midi.
Uh im trying to record my guitar without an audio interface for i am currently without one. I was going off of the VST tutorial threads and i was just going to record with my line in jack...
hold up, if you want to record your guitar you will want an audio interface just to get the signal in there fast and clean.

VST can be applied as a guitar amp and FX from the computer but once again, you'll need the quick input and output from an audio interface so you dont have to deal with latency, (Delay from when you hit a string to when you hear it on your headphones). An example of this setup is IK Multimedias' AmpliTube.

Best way IMO is to mic your fav. amp or run some external FX processors, (I use a Yamaha Magicstomp myself) and run the output of those to the audio interface inputs. This means you dont have to rely on the computer to process audio from virtual amps and record at the same time. This is better for slower computers.

Virtual instruments are commonly used with MIDI as there are a lot of software synths out there such as "Rapture" or "Tru-Pianos". These instruments are usually triggered with MIDI data and a hardware controller such as a USB keyboard, (Piano style keyboard).