hows this package for recreational home use only?


if you know of a better on for exactly the same price or lower(in $) please feel free to voice your opinion.

i will be running apod 2.0 through the speakers, and the mics will be used for recording onto cds or mp3s(like ug and myspace)
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PreSonus makes great interfaces and the MXL990 is my #1 mic right now in the studio for vocals however I've never had the time to try the Audiobox interface in person...

It looks like a nice deal and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun as well as get a lot of use from it all.

BTW, be very careful with the shock mount on that 990 mic....I broke mine a week after buying it. I am careful with my gear but this thing is made with very cheap materials...

And yea as said below, the monitors are not outstanding but they are good to start on. I do think the mic is something you'll love and keep around though.
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it wont take you long to want to upgrade the mic, and probably the monitors, but it should be pretty good to get you started.
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