Hey guys,
I have been thinking about playing the guitar for a while now and I think i'm about ready to dive in. My plan is to be able to play with my neighbor that jams on his drums from time to time and maybe get into a band someday.

At this time I have no experience at all and not sure where to start. What kind of guitar to buy? Should I take lessons? Should I watch videos tutorials online?

Any help would be great.

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change ur name first. ur not a wannabe rapper.
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well, with the guitar, spare no expence on it and amp. shitty epuipment = shitty sound. lessons depend on what genre
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change ur name first. ur not a wannabe rapper.

thanks for the warm welcome. Slim was a nickname from college.

I would like to get into rock/punk

what would be a good intro guitar?
It depends on your budget really, but if you are not really "Sure" about it, then i would advise you not to go all in with your money, since many new musicians quit early, since, well, the beginning is hard, but once you've got the hang of it. It's an open road.

Checkout ESP or Dean guitars. They have some decent lower end guitars. It is important to get one that feels good to you and sounds good as well. Many times you will find a starter pack that comes with an amp. You are just starting out so I wouldn't invest a ton of money in amps and such. Just remember to try out the guitars first for feel. Once you find one you like, have it set up before you leave the store. An improperly set up guitar will frustrate the crap out of you... trust me , I know.
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Electric guitar forum will probably give you better advice on what guitar to buy - imo your best bet is to go to a decent sized music store and try out everything they have in your budget though. It doesn't matter if you can't play squat on it yet - just find something that feels comfortable to you. Guitars can vary wildly in weight, shape, neck thickness and a host of other ways, that will make some feel more comfortable to you than others. Don't forget you need an amp too when you're spending your budget

I wouldn't get anything too expensive to start with either - mainly because you won't really know what you want when you buy your first guitar, and are bound to start gasing after something new pretty quickly.

I would definitely recommend lessons - a good teacher can save you so much time and effort its not even funny. You need to find a good one though. See if you can get some recommendations, then have a chat with the possible teachers to see who is going to suit you best.