BAND: The Exploited
ALBUM: Horror Epics
SONG: Dangerous Visions
YEAR: 1985
LINK: angerous+Visions:2625058:s51788911.12770320.22585702.0.2.218%2Cstd_69364f5488f9466795fe1e1f9538cebf">angerous+Visions:2625058:s51788911.12770320.22585702.0.2.218%2Cstd_69364f5488f9466795fe1e1f9538cebf">http://s0.ilike.com/play#The+Exploitedangerous+Visions:2625058:s51788911.12770320.22585702.0.2.218%2Cstd_69364f5488f9466795fe1e1f9538cebf

It' also out on iTunes if you are interested or if that helps.

Can anyone help me out here? I've already searched 5 or 6 tab sites to no avail. I need a tab of the guitar portion of this song, or a full-on GuitarPro/TuxGuitar file would be PERFECT!! I am by no means a proficient guitarist, otherwise I could probably figure this one out on my own (it sounds rather basic). That being said, I believe I'll be more apt to stick with the guitar if I have a song or two I actually like for practice. So here it is, two birds with one stone: a song I like and possibly simple to boot.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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I will tab it out tonight. It cant be that hard.
I was planning on tabbing out some Exploited/Casualties tonight anyway :p