I've been in the hunt for a new amp for a few months now. My plan is to downsize to something around 20 watts or so. Something more suitable for my basement playing and jams. I originally had my heart set on the Blackstar Ht-5, but now I am a little worried about it being too quiet if I were to take it to a jam.

I went to GC and played both the Blackstar and the Egnater Rebel. I liked both of them. I am now seriously considering the Rebel. However, I have nothing to really compare it to. The two other amps I am interested in are the Vox Night Train and Orange TT. Unfortunately my GC does not carry either of these. I was just wondering if anybody has played all three amps (Vox, Orange, Egnater) and could help me with my decision.

I guess I am mostly looking for a versatile amp. I play a lot of 70's hard rock, Zeppelin, Kiss, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, as well as Modern Stuff like Foo Fighters and White Stripes. The heaviest I would ever go is Metallica. I understand that I will need pedals with most amps to achieve this, and I am ok with that. I also want something that will respond kindly to pedals.

To Summarize: Rebel, Night Train, Tiny Terror. Which one?

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No have think of Blackheart Handsome Devil?

EDIT: If I had to rank the three... it'd be -> Rebel, Night Train, Tiny Terror (the lack of a mid control grinds on me each time I use the amp, tho I likes the tone)
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