hey dudes.
This is me and my band's new song. It's got some weird meters throughout, but I think we've blended it nicely with our indie/poprock sound.
let me know what you think. and leave me a link so I can do the same.

"Teach me how to breathe"

Damn fine song. The only thing I can find issue with is I would like the vocals to be a little more aggressive in the chorus but that's probably just a personal thing with me. It still sounded great. The harmonies were good. The music was fantastic. The tremelo picking was a little much and a nice melodic solo would've hit better imo.

Damn nice dude, great chill song, and the tremelo picking was to my opinion fitting, along with the reverb, I thought it was nicely composed, overall the only thing that bothered me was that I couldn't hear the bass drum as loud, but having said that, Im mostly used to Metallica's Black Album style bass drum sound. The vocal harmonies were nice, and I also dug the guitar tone. Good job, the transistion to clean guitar parts were also pleasant .

Crit mine?
This is a really nice mix, maybe a little bass heavy but overall really nice job with the recording. Your vocalist is really good as well, very very clear. The backup harmonies are awesome as well. Honestly I wish I could say more but this is so well done and complete as it is (I might not be the best person to crit coz this isnt my style of music really, though I do appreciate the presence of the heavier rhythm playing).

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A very good song, excellent sound quality. A very professional sounding recording. Im sure your bad will really go a long way. The vocals are excellent. I normally wouldnt like this type of music but I really enjoyed this. Would be grateful for your opinion on my work if you have the time.