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Sometime next month, I'm performing in a battle of the bands event, where our theme is communism/Russia. Anyone have any songs that come to mind that most people have heard of?

So far we have Back in the USSR (beatles), and Rasputin (boney m)
The theme for you BotB is communism?




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What's the name of the piece that V plays when he blows up the governmental buildings in the start of the movie?
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Pychopathy Red from Slayers new record was about a Russian serial killer who killed/raped over 40 weman and children

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What's the name of the piece that V plays when he blows up the governmental buildings in the start of the movie?

tchaikovsky 1812 overture, but what does that have to do with russian communism?
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mother russia by iron maiden.
sick song
Tom Morello -
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i am dmitri karamazov, and the world is my father, by protest the hero is good.
and also "red stars over the battle of cowshed", from the same album.
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Spanish Bombs by The Clash.

Well kind of.
No muerde, no calla
Sin sangre no hay arte
Nada ni nadie
De nada más

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Almost any song from this album will do.

This. You can't go wrong with Cherno by KYPCK when it comes to Soviet Russia.
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some pretty awesome music there. But we were thinking of more upbeat songs, since we're not playing for the "general public", i.e. a lot of people that think think that all metal just sounds like noise and screaming
You could always do a cover of Emerson Lake & Palmer's reindition of "The Curse Of Baba Yaga" from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. That's really intense. An adrenaline rush on the keys.

Play "changes" by Kino (might also be spelled KHNO). They were actually a russian band at the end of the cold war- rumor was thier singer was killed by the soviets for dissent.
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I can't believe that nobody said Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Baby's a red- House of heroes
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In soviet russia, song sings you.

What about the russian national song? it just a thought.
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there's this band from calgary called the rocky fortune who have a song called she soviette, do that one.
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Rammstein - Moskau.

Well, not really about Communism but I think it still fits the theme.

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Mother Russia-Iron Maiden?

This, although it's about the Tsars, not the Bolsheviks.
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The Internationale, perhaps?

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To whoever posted Kypck: Thank you!

I've just found another band to get into. =D
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Mussolini VS Stalin by Gogol Bordello. It's not exactly about communism but it's close enough, and it's an awesome song.
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The band Franz Ferdinand use a lot of symbolism and references to Russia in their music. Their album art is inspired by Russian Avant-Garde imagery.

Do the song at the end of that.

Or Mother Russia by Iron Maiden, it doesn't matter.

EDIT: Or The Czar by Mastodon, that's a fucking good song.

EDIT: And Dominion/Mother Russia by the Sisters of Mercy.
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