So at the end of summer my family sold "my" Mercury Cougar and I bought a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse (and I must say that it is sick...good milage, finally working AC, sun roof, 650w stereo system with subwoofer in trunk!) There's nothing wrong with it and it runs great but recently I've noticed one weird thing. Anytime I am completely stopped or BARELY moving and I begin to accelerate...my emergency brake light comes on while the rpms go up. Once they reach a certain rpm and it "shifts to the proper gear" (I'm talkin about when it like calms down after the acceleration- its an automatic) then it goes away. I really don't see this as anything but an electrical problem because while it is happening the engine doesn't sound any different or make any weird noises. Any thoughts?
I've NEVER heard of that happening before.
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i know cars usually have four wheels and you can drive them

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As long as you're sure it's your E-brake light and not a service engine light, then yes, it's just an insignificant wiring problem.
just a thought, maybe it's a feature called Launch Control, some really expensive cars have it. doubtful that a mitsubishi would have it, but just a guess. look up the manual or something

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Well I'm assuming you're under 18 because your parents sold your car, so I have one question.

How the **** can you afford any vehicle from 2008?
It's probably a fucked up sensor
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Cool story bro.

No seriously tho.... it almost sounds like you have a false ground in there or something. take it back to the shop, it's probably still under warranty.

Maybe you left the e-brake on?
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Check the brake fluid. The brake light will come on if your fluid is low. Your fluid is probably just at the level of the sensor, and when you are accelerating the fluid is being pulled to the back of the reservoir and your light is coming on.
Go to a garage and have them check your brake fluid, your turn signal fluid, and that problem could also be caused by rusted muffler bearings.
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Well I'm assuming you're under 18 because your parents sold your car, so I have one question.

How the **** can you afford any vehicle from 2008?

No I'm 21. It was technically my parents cougar but I drove it from 11th grade till last year when we sold it. That's why I said it like that. They bought it when I was in 6th grade and my dad drove it till it was time to give it to me and he got his truck. It was the first time I ever sold or bought a car so they pretty much did everything for me lol
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Put your foot under the E-brake pedal and pull up. If that doesn't make it go away continue with operation Downfall.
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Oh! i had this same problem with my 1990 honda accord. How old are the brake pads? My car would only go 30 and itd roar into overdrive (or not really roar, its only a 4 cylinder) and then when i got to where i was going, my brakes were cherry red & smoking (i could smell it). I went to an auto parts store and got some brake pads the next day and changed them out as soon as my dad got home. After that, my brakes have been perfect. Also, it might be the emergency brake. hold down the button and kinda slam it down as much as you can (cruel, i know) but im not sure that would work. Lemme know what happens.

EDIT- just read all of the question, i would say its a sensor problem with your transmission, i had a friend that had a jeep and when hed go, it would go straight into 2nd gear instead of 1st (still kinda does it.)
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Sounds like the clutch is ****ed to me O.o
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Its a mitsubishi having worked on them and most other brands it is the least reliable japanese brand, I wouldnt own one.

They had alot of computer problems over the years. A weird accel problem is gonna be related to computer or the idle control system. Unless the previous owner messed with the engine control systems, things like aftermarket performance parts etc. Could be the previous owner tried dealing with this "ghost" and got tired of it. 2008 should still be under warranty, again unless the previous owner added some aftermarket parts voiding it.

No idea on the ebrake light unless its just really sensative and needs to be adjusted, provided the ebrake and brake fluid warning sensor arent on the same light. If they are on the same warning light then the fluid being just a little low can make it come on intemittantly.
Thats because its a mitsubishi and anyone with common knowledge knows they're shit.

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