Hey what's up everyone I'm rather new here but i've been playing acoustic guitar for about 3 years. I just got a gibson sg about 5-6 months ago and have recently gotten into music like Killswitch Engage, Bullet for my Valentine, Saosin... etc, but I have a problem.

Every time I tune my guitar (Gibson SG) down to drop c, all of my strings are really loose. it even happens when I just tune my E string down to D (for drop D), the D string is a little to loose, its hard to play some faster stuff on that string because occasionally the string goes up above the fretboard when I'm playing quickly. So you can imagine the problem is even worst when I'm trying to play Drop C.

I think I'm using the lightest gauge elixir electric strings.

How do I prevent the strings from becoming so loose?

Anyone have a recommended string gauge for that style of playing? Or the gauge doesn't really matter, its all just how I like the feel?
Get heavier gauge strings, for drop c i would say 11's maybe, but don't quote me on that.
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Alright thanks guys, I'll try 11's.

Do you have a suggestion on any brand you like or get most often?
I alway use Daddario .010 - .046

Orange package and i can play from standard to tuned down 2 steps easily...

(Not the best thing to do but work very fine for drop C or tuned down 1 steps...)
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The EB(Ernie Ball) Skinny top heavy bottoms do well for me I do a lot of D and C and no problems.
I use earnie ball 11s and I had mine tuned down too C# standard and it was fine. I also use a jagmaster which is 1/4 of an inch shorter than yours I think so that could make it a little different. Also you might need to raise the action some to help with the strings popping off the neck cause I have my action super low and they were poppong off at times.
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actually for Drop C it depends on the player, if you bend alot of notes id go .10-.46 if you really dont bend that much and like a chunkier sound id go .11-.52 its all preferance, if you go any gauge higher id recomend a truss rodd adjustment though
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Try a brand called Cleartone. Expensive strings (compared to DR and EB), but very nice. I've got a pair of 9-48 cleartones on my LP and I've dropped it down to drop B and it was still playable.

But the easiest fix would be thicker gauge strings, I'd recommend DR 10-52's.
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