that are similar to the valve power 18 water or ceriatone copies?

Or basically any good, low budget american homemade tube amps.
So your looking for a copy of a copy?
What's your budget?
What do you play?
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Quote by R.D
So your looking for a copy of a copy?
What's your budget?
What do you play?

Haha indeed I am.

Budget can go higher then 300 bucks, but not by much. I'm basically looking to the value of a used valve power 18 or peavey classic thirty.

I play blues, psychedelic, alt, classical and some high gain stuff (stoner metal and death metal type fuzz/gain). A priority is basically good vintage tube tone and lots of response, think vintage thirty plus JTM 45, or cornford, I can live with poor high gain.
i've heard of lil dawg amps, they seem pretty cheap. Haven't tried them, though, so that's not a recommendation. i think they do an 18 watt model.


they use a different rectifier valve to the valvepower, though.
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