Since its the Christmas season, I've decided to pick up and learn bass.

I've read the FAQs and I have some idea on which ones are good.
I've tied it down to these two but I'm pretty much undecided on which one to get.

Ibanez GSR190J Bass Pack

Yamaha RBX270

The catch is the Yamaha is selling for $450 aud with a free 25W Belcat amp
but I have no information on the amp, and I'll have to buy everything else separate.

The Pack costs $590 ($10 off cuz its Christmas) but it has everything. incl. complimentary headphones xD

Oh. budget's around $600 Aud. I've tried looking around ebay, but it seems most people around my area only sell Squire P-basses.
go with the ibanez, you get everything and i haven't had a friend who's owned one say they were disappointed. its a good starter deal atleast
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Any starter bass or amp you get will be less than ideal. I have nothing bad about the Ibanez, nor the Yamaha for that matter(though I know few who use Yamaha). Get what you want. I would say, the first rule is always try before you buy. If at all possible, got to a music store or pawn shop or random guy who owns one of these and try it out. Any starter amp or bass will be less than you want for anything serious, but that's the point of a starter pack.
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Usually, if you can help it, packs are best avoided, its usually worth it more in the long run to buy a separate bass and amp. Squier's are quite good (as long as they're not affinity's), as are the Ibanez GSR's. I can't say anything about the Yamaha as that is one of the few brands I have minimal experience with, but I have never heard anything bad about them. I would recommend looking at different amps, specifically Peaveys and Kustoms
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all i can say dude is that i got a squier bass pack as my first bass-your first doesnt need to be awesome, it'll be awesome enough that its your first. So i totally recommend a squier, try to get a j-bass pack from billy hydes in blackburn or flemington, they're around the $600 mark.
Try to play these before you buy. Let your descision be based on what feels good for you. You might like the feel and the sound of one over another.
I started out with the Ibanez Jumpstart package. It's a very decent package, but don't expect top-end quality. It's good for taking your first steps into playing bass. If I had to start again, I'd buy a bass and amp seperatly.
But none the less, between those 2 options, I'd go for the Ibanez.
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You can get a Ibanez GSR200 and an Fender Rumble 15 for about $698 & you can get a cheap tuner, strap & bag for about $50 or $60. A little bit more expensive but probably a much better option than the packs.

I tried looking for the GSR200, can't find it anywhere for some reason.

I hate how most of the non-Squier bases on ebay are interstate and pick up only (Yes, I'm talking to you Victoria) >:
I beg to differ regarding the packs, I think they're a good option for beginners. For one thing, even though you won't be getting amazing quality gear, you'll still be getting a really good deal when you buy it as a bundle. That's a good thing, especially for someone who doesn't know if they're going to fully commit to the instrument yet. The other thing is that the ability to recognize good tone, etc. comes with experience. Picking a mid level bass right off the bat without really knowing what's what and how to make a good decision regarding which to buy is kind of a waste IMO.

And to contribute: Ibanez and Squier are good, Dean and Epiphone are bad (generally). And again, try before you buy, see what feels right to you.
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Most of the world's entry level basses and guitars are made by one or two companies; the quality and sound of the GSR190J and the RBX270 are gonna be darn near the same. Don't get caught up in brand names. None of those companies actually make their entry-level basses. To say one is any better than another at that level is purely subjective. Me, I would get a Peavey (like a Milestone) - no brainer. But like I said, subjective.

You really have to go to the local shop and try them out. From a bass instructor's point of view, go with what's most comfortable - neck, body shape, etc. You won't practice an uncomfortable bass. Remember that this is most likely a temporary instrument. At best a foul-weather backup later.

That being said, if you have your heart set, absolutely set, on a particular instrument, get that instrument. Nobody wants to practice an instrument they don't want.
It's best to avoid the beginners packs.

I suggest to look for a bass and a amp separately. The Ibanez GSR series is a great choice.
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I wold avoid beginner packs and get a Squire Precision and a Fender Rumble 15... but if you have to get one of those two i'd probably get the ibanez, both basses are alright i played the yamaha when i was in high school (i was the bass player in the Concert and jazz band and for some reason they rented me a bass) and it was actualyl pretty good for it's price.
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