Hey all,

So recently my acoustic bridge broke, the bridge started snapping and is nearly completely broken.
Although it is repairable, i'd really like another acoustic as i've never been to fond of its tone.

So today i was browsing ebay and i stumbled across a few Fairclough Acoustics for resonably cheap($250-$300)
All of them have solid tops and Ebony Boards/Bridges.
All of them are solid Spruce tops with rosewood back and sides
They all look pretty damn good too!

Here is the link to the guitar:
Fairclough Acoustic

Also i found some "Artist" brand acoustic.
Quite keen on this one Artist Acoustic

Spruce north american spruce top, rosewood back and sides, rosewood bridge and board.

So if anyone could shine some light on which one they think is better it would be great.

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