Hey guys. I would like to get a small practice amp for my home and would like some opinions. I know it is best to try out an amp in person before you buy, but no where close to where i live carries vox or bugera and I haven't been real impressed with other brands that I have tried such as Fender, Marshall, Peavey. I am really between the burgera v5 and the vox vt15. I have never owned a tube amp and I'm kinda leaning toward it, but the vox also has a power tube if I'm not mistaken, but it is a modeling amp, so not sure how great the sound would be. I play a lot of classic rock, but a lot of new rock such as Seether, Shinedown, etc. I know the Bugera v5 is a class A amp and it's mainly vintage toned, but I do have a Warp Factor Distortion pedal. How would the amp do with that pedal? And for other amp modeling, I do have an older Korg AX1500G effects processor. I appreciate any advice you guys can give.
If all you want is little practice amp for home then the vt15 will be fine. If you can tolerate the extra expense of tube upkeep simply for practice then the Bugera will be fine.
The V5 with the distortion pedal as a clean boost ought to give you enough distortion.
Personally I'd go for the V5.
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Quote by justinb904
The V5 with the distortion pedal as a clean boost ought to give you enough distortion.
Personally I'd go for the V5.

I disagree. I responded to at least three threads yesterday where the UG'r was having problems with their modeling amp. Unfortunately all I can give them is my standard response.

'xxxBlankxxx amps like yours are hard to diagnose and fix due to the complex chips and software, you may have to look for a new amp'.

The price of tubes is a small price to pay for an otherwise strait forward design that most amp techs CAN diagnose and repair. This concept is more evident in the lower end amp market.

That said, I personally wouldn't get either. Some people really like the Bugera's and the VTs. I'd rather have a Fender SuperChamp, Peavey 6505+ 112, Peavey Vypyr 60, Blackstar HT5 mini stack, or a used Line 6 Flextone or Peavey Classic 30.

Just throwin out more stuff
Well if you want a shinedown/seether tone you should just get the biggest, loudest, cheapest, most digital sounding amp possible.
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Out of those two...I'd take the bugera. The VOX has a preamp tube...but its not a true tube amp (don't get me wrong, they're decent enough practice amps). I wouldn't buy it if I were you though...especially if you plan to use your multi-fx unit with it. I'd go for the Bugera...or look into other amps altogether.
Vox do an all tube practice amp. The AC4TV, there are plenty of reviews out there on it, also it has an attenuator so you can knock the 4W (which is far to loud for most home use) down to 1W and 1/4W. Just another option for you.

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