Ok. I have a windows xp computer I can use. I plan on downloading reaper or using whatever comes with the software I buy. I'm mainly looking at the Line 6 POD Studio™ UX2, http://line6.com/podstudioux2/ . This looks good to me as it comes with amp modeling software, two xlr inputs, phantom power, etc. I mainly plan on recording my guitar directly through the interface, but having mic options may come in handy as well. My question is, for the money ($199.99) or (149.99) for the one xlr input model, ($99.99) for the just guitar input one, is this a good recording interface? With my computer, will this thing work with reaper, allow me to use other amp modelling software (downloaded or purchased), be easy/ user friendly because I'm new at this and just want quick but semi decent results (maybe good enough so the non-musically minded people among us will think it's good, ya know?). If not, what's a cheap to similarly priced interface that will do the trick. Or another question might be, is the modelling software (pod farm) that comes with this thing good? And again will it work in a different DAW, like could I mix an effect from this package with an amp simulation download? If I sound like an idiot, my apologies but I'm just trying to be absolutely sure about this sort of thing. Any help would be much appreciated