Hello all,

My uncle got this hella deal for $20 bucks (just wanted to get it outta the way is what they told him)

Its, im guessing, a early 90s model Samick Stratocaster. Only thing that was wrong with it when i first got it was the pickups were lose, took the pickguard off, found the missing springs, easy fix. The tuners were different, it was a whole piece and were gear tuners, which is a bit of a pain.

I do need some help, I put new strings on it and have broke them in pretty decently and it still has alot of string buzz, I raised the saddles with a allen wrench and even slightly tweaked on the truss rod a little and it still does it, could anybody give me some help with this? Its a great sounding guitar shockingly since it went for like 250 300 new.

Thanks alot
wait wait wait..... Did you say $20!!??!?!?! damnnn thats a good deal if you ask me.

If you checked the truss rod and the bridge height, the only other thing I can think of is a refret. The frets may have shifted after a long period of time causing the buzz. What frets/ strings do you get the buzz on?

If your getting buzz when you play an open string, it could be the nut as well.

Congrads on the $20 guitar!.... I hate you haha.
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I'm fixin to go to bed but I'll fiddle with it tomorrow, I think i turned the truss rod to tighten not to loosen (per say from searchin it up on UG)

I have been reading up on these and they are actually pretty likeable, the neck is awesome. I've been trying to identify what kind it is, it has no serial number on it, and they were originally being made in the early 80s and ended late 90s. I'm thinking of relicing or just puttin some new pups and tuners on it..

check if the frets are level with a straight edge

If not, level them, or get them levelled
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I think i have a problem with the bridge pickup, you can pick the high e string then stop it and it echoes like it has delay in the amp or somethin, but im thinking about ordering some GFS pickups and guard off GF and a nice relic job on the way Along with some new tuners to replace them old slipping ones.

I've looked all over the internet google, ask, and etc, and have yet to find a date around when this guitar was built, can anyone help?