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I'm a pro musician. Studio and touring. Rock music. Been a les paul guy for a while. I've finally discovered the wonder of teles. Quick questions:

Ash or alder body? What are the tone differences?

I'm probably going with an American Standard. I keep seeing the '52 reissues getting phenomenal reviews. Can't seem to find out online exactly what the sound differences are. I've read about the funky pickup selection wiring on the reissues. I'd change this to standard 3 way switching.

Why the heck doesn't fender make butterscotch finish American Standards?? Such a beautiful finish. They make butterscotch blond Mexican teles, why not American??

I'll probably buy used off of craigslist. Any particular years I should avoid, or specifically look for? Are there any features on the current new Teles that I'm really missing out on if I buy used?

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just to answer one of the questions: i think alder has a more balanced tone than ash. ash is a bit heavier, so a little bit brighter (not swamp ash, but hard ash). i prefer alder, and my tele is alder as well.

and depending on how much you're looking to spend, you might want to think about going warmoth. american tele's can be expensive, and your money will go just a little bit farther with warmoth. they're fender licensed parts, so the same exact dimensions, but you could have cool options (like a butterscotch blonde body, for example). the only drawback is you'd have to assemble yourself, but chances are if you tour then you know a good luthier somewhere. they're definitely top notch parts. it's much much cheaper to order a crazy flamed maple top body from warmoth than it would be to order through fender (or somebody else).

anyway, i'm a warmoth fanboy so i just had to throw that out there. as far as Fender's go, i'd try EVERYTHING on craigslist around you. even the MIM. people complain about quality, but there isn't a noticeable difference to me, and money saved could mean investing in some serious quality pickups! just a thought.
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