The dissonant beginning is pretty damn good. Is that you on drums? Well, whoever it is has some pretty good chops. I'd raise the rythym guitar and other parts above the drums a little bit. You could also put a bit more bass on the bass drum, it's not quite strong enough. Sounds a hell of a lot better than my mixes for sure though! Sounds alot like Neurosis without all the weird little background noises llol. The end has a really cool drone as well. Vocals would definitely sound great in this. Great work man. Thanks for the crit!

O and would you mind checking out one of my earlier songs? It's titled Calming Waves (Final) on my profile.
Thanks for the crit. I did vocals for this today and the track is up, once again "Dionysian Retribution" on my profile. I left you a comment on "Calming Waves" on your profile.
It's pretty cool, it just needs some vocals and I would like it a lot. The mix is pretty decent and the drums sound nice.
The version that doesnt say "rough version" (at the top of the list) has vox. You should really check that one out, sorry about that .
I really like this song man, it has a distinctly cacophonous sound to it which I'm diggin a lot. The vocals near the end are awesome as shit too, very creative. The instruments fit together perfectly as well, no muddyness or anything like that. Keep doin what ur doin man, sounds bangin!
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real nice production for the most part. thought the drums could have had a heavier plodding sound in parts but overall they sounded good. not a fan of that style of vocals so i'll justsay yours were less annoying than many i've heard. i likes all the little guitar bits in the background. nice effort.
This a very good song. This is quite unlike anything Ive heard on here. I like the mellow intro and the way the track builds and gets heavier is excellent. The quality of recording is also very good. The drums sound great, Im not usually a fan of this style of vocals but I think you did a good job. The only problem I can point out is the level of guitar and vocals, both could be a little louder in the mix but that should be easy to sort out. Apart from that top work man. Would be grateful for your opinion on my work if you have time.


ok, I'll write as listen....epic intro! but maybe a tad too long, but thats just my taste. Distiortion guitar enters. wow. that was cool! It really creates a mystical atmosphere. ah, vocals. not my taste at all, but I have lots of respect for people being able to sing like that! Its pretty cool! ok, some lead guitar comes in. suited perfectly.
Maybe it could have had some more variation? but still, its not boring. and for a 7min song thats well done! =)
Very unique and well thought out. Definitely good to see excellent creativity from artistic minds. The movement throughout the piece very well transitioned and built energy in cool way. But as people have already mentioned the intro feels a little long winded. Love how the heavy parts are awesomely set up by the clean parts. The vocals were great, sound, tone, and techniques used were incredible. Keep up the amazing work.
Yo dude, sorry it took me so long. Been busy haha.
The intro is pretty atmospheric and bizarre. But I dig it. Nice dissonant touch. The drum beat that comes in is tasteful, but sounds electronic for some reason. Once it gets into its groove, its really awesome. The heavy guitar coming up under is a nice touch.

I kept waiting for the guitars to actually kick in but then i realized they had come up as much as they were going to. The tone is muddy and too centered. I suggest tracking guitars twice (once for each L/R channel) and trying to manufacture a crisper tone.

The vocals aren't my bag but fit with the droney-metal sound you've got going on. Reminds me of Isis if you've ever heard them.

Well done, though. keep it up.
I loved the intro. Both the synthy stuff and the guitarintro makes it sound really ominous.

One thing I would say is if you're going for a drony atmospheric kind of thing, bring the drum track down a little, especially when it's just drums and the ambient sound. It's drowning out all that lovely guitarwork. Also some more reverb on there would be nice.

Vocals are great, they give a lot of atmosphere to the song. Couldn't understand a word though

The ending was good, but maybe add some kind of sudden noise or something at the end? Release the tension you've built up throughout the song. I dunno

All in all, great stuff, I really can't find anything negative about it.

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nice intro man. very floyd ish. kind of deep and masterminding. very deep sounding. i like when the distortion comes in but the mixing sounds off. the drums are loud and you can hardly hear the heavy guitar. other then that i thought this was ace. its very long also. maybe cut it back a little bit. the vocals were very scary. i think its what you were going for but damn lol. good stuff man.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22534663#post22534663
another amazing song i love the wind sounds at the beginning, with the guitar. again this song begins with a different mood, this one abit more haunting. but still great. shortening your intros would be good, they seem to go on to long. i don't mind, but most people would. and again a great transition into the heavier part. id like more bass like in paths vocals aren't really my thing, so I can't really say anything about them. But there louder this time, which is good i guess, but still could be louder. clean vocals are again awesome.i love how everything fits together so well, and how it all slips into the next thing. i really love the dark mood this song has the instruments fading and leaving the vocals is amazing, and then back to the wind. you could try shortening songs just alittle, because they all seem fairly long. plus great glycerine cover
Nice work. The drums do over power the mix, but other than that all the parts seem well mixed and solid. You might considering bring some of the some of the sung vocals in a little earlier intermixed with the low growl to mix things up a little. Your transitions are great and you did an excellent job bringing each new part in.