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I want to learn some songs in half-step down tuning, but I've only found a few until now.
I tried searching for them but there's almost no songs found, and none of the songs I know until now (Yellow Submarine, More Than Words, À Tout Le Monde) displays in the search, so surely there are more that don't as well. I wanted to have more than three songs so as to have a few more reasons to tune my guitar to them.
Also, preferably they should be songs that do well in acoustic.
Thank you to whoever helps.
Whole Youthanasia album (Megadeth) is half step down.
Also most Slayer songs and Jimi Hendrix.
Alice in Chains Unplugged
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All blind guardian songs, most slayer songs, most sonata arctica songs
maybe you'll want to check this out
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the only I know is Green day-basket case and guns n' roses songs.
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Lay Down by Priestess

Many power metal bands use half-step down (Like the already mentioned Blind Guardian)

Kamelot is one of them


Cannibal Corpse (I cum blood uses half-step down)
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Tons of 80's thrash bands used half step down.
Testament, Slayer.
Some early Nevermore had half a step down.
Guns N' Roses used half step down...

I used to know a lot, but I seem to have forgotten...
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It's So Easy by Guns N Roses - It's in half step (as is the rest of Appetite for Destruction) and it's not too difficult either (unsure of your playing ability so figured it would be a good recommedation).
Anything by Guns N' Roses

Edit: Oops, I forgot it was acoustic. Do Patience by Guns N' Roses.
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Everything from the Second Heat album by Racer X. Awesome stuff!

Edit: And of course I'm too lazy to notice that you want acoustic songs. >.<
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Almost all of Demolition Hammer, all of the Coma Of Souls album by Kreator
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Stevie ray vaughan, rory gallagher, most blues artists.
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alot of hendrix songs are in e flat standard
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"Load" by Metallica. Not an album that will go down in history as a paragon of metal, but it still has some cool but easy guitar parts. I suggest "Cure" and "King Nothing".
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All blind guardian songs, most slayer songs, most sonata arctica songs

Keep in mind that first Jani and now Elias from Sonata Arctica play on 7 string guitars
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"Load" by Metallica. Not an album that will go down in history as a paragon of metal, but it still has some cool but easy guitar parts. I suggest "Cure" and "King Nothing".

these are good for playing on electric guitar but if you are looking for something acoustic of this album..try mama said or bleeding me(even tho there are elcetric parts the clean bits are good for playing)
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All Smashing Pumpkins is Eb. Most of their stuff sounds good acoustic. Check out Mayonnaise, 1979, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, and Galapogos for some fairly simple ones
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The aforementioned Alice In Chains was the band that got me into Acoustic AND tuning in Eb as pretty much 100% of their tunes are in E flat.
And they play ALOT of nice slow melodic songs that are easy to play along with. Even some of their heavier songs can be played on accoustic as they've demonstrated on Unplugged.
You can pretty much play along with any of their albums(especially SAP an Facelift) with an acoustic without having to tune other than 420. "Over Now" is a good acoustic song that they play with a capo on the 2nd fret.

Check out their discog if you haven't already.
Pretty much everything by Green Day is Eb and just about all Slayer is Eb as well.
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Thanks a lot guys!
All those are probably enough for me to start playing a few new ones.
Buckethead's entire Colma album.
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Anything by Guns N' Roses

Edit: Oops, I forgot it was acoustic. Do Patience by Guns N' Roses.

Days of the New is all acoustic and in Eb.
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First 4 CDs of Cannibal Corpse
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Pretty much everything by Motorhead is Em.

Pretty sure Metallica play in Em live. I know Judas Priest does.

Dio era Black Sabbath is Em.

etc etc.
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Little Wing! Sounds good on anything, and jimi's style allows you to make it your own in a way. You don't have to play it 'exactly' like he did, just follow the progression and style. When I get home from school this summer and can borrow one of my dads guitars to keep in this tuning I'm going to tackle that one.
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