Surely, guitaring and playing any instrument could also be seen as a form of drumming. You strum in time with your right hand, and you fret in time with your left or "drum" the frets?

This has interested me lately in trying alternative techniques to become better on guitar. When i'm listening to music insted of tapping with my feet or right hand as usual, i'll make a concious effort to tap the beat with my left hand fingers. I've only been doing it awhile, but i can move my fingers much faster than i used todo, so i think it has some value. This is why i think it's funny when you meet a guitarist who says they can't keep time without a drummer, or without using their foot . That's just some psychological barrier. I guess it helps the fact that i am a drum programming god, and therefore understand timing and rhythm pretty well.

This is a little theory i've had for awhile. I'm sure someone else has already thought of it, but incase they havn't, remember that it was my idea and i own all the rights so keep it private for now till i've worked on it
If you use your theory of hitting an instrument is just like a percussion instrument then aren't all instruments percussion instruments. A drummer friend tried to argue that seeing as a piano work by hitting massive strings then it is a percussive instrument. Just no.
Yeh, i think drums, and all persussion instruments in general are grouped as those that use the singular hitting, shaking, or moving of an object to create a noise.

Whereas a guitar uses vibrating strings and acoustic properties/magnetic (or otherwise) pickups to make a sound.
Ah..interesting post. There are several drumming related ideas you can transfer to the guitar as practice exercises, that will do a lot of good for your timing and control.
One thing I've done for years now is transpose drum beats to the guitar. It's really simple - you just assign a note or a string to the bass, and a different note or string to the snare, and try to recreate different drum beats on the guitar that way. It's a lot of fun, and will do wonders for your timing and string crossing.
Another way you can transfer a drum beat to the guitar is with accenting. In that case, you'd lay down steady 16th notes, but whenever there is a bass drum give it a strong accent, and whenever there is a snare give it a weak accent (or vice versa depending on what you want to emphasize the most). You can try letting up on the muting a bit for those notes too. This works best on the bass (and sounds pretty cool) but it will work for the guitar too. Depending on the beat you are trying to recreate this one can get pretty darned challenging.
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A drummer friend tried to argue that seeing as a piano work by hitting massive strings then it is a percussive instrument. Just no.

Your drummer friend is correct.
There's something to be said for this. Guitar playing is first and foremost rhythmic and both hands need to feel that rhythm while playing, or else you sound marginal at best.
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If any probies out there (who can shred some) think something of this, please give me a shout, pm, youtube whatever.

I have been doing some exercises with this theory recently and seem to be getting some results. More on it when i know more.
Wow I've been thinking this since I switched from drums to guitar 2 yrs ago. Lol... But its true you use your left hand to determine the chord or note (drum or cymbal) and the right hand strums or plucks the strings(kinda like a drumstick or brush or mallet hitting a drum or cymbal)
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Yeah, I do this a lot when I've not got a guitar in my hands. I don't really treat it as drumming though... Sometimes I follow a finger pattern that I'd use on the guitar when playing a certain song and sometimes I just do finger combinations like:
pinky, index, ring, index, middle, index, pinky, middle, ring, middle, index, middle, pinky, ring, middle, ring, index, ring, ring, pinky, middle, pinky, index, pinky and then reverse it. Then see how fast I can go through the sequence whilst obviously keeping a consistent beat.

I don't know if it's actually improved my playing but it's fun to do so meh.
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