SO. I am studying abroad in Athens, Greece next semester and I cannot ****ing wait... except for one thing. Because of the high import duties, the program I'm studying with won't allow me to bring any electric guitars with me. My Gibson Explorer and ESP LTD MH-1000 will be greatly missed.

Obviously I don't want to go four months without playing ... does anyone know about obtaining guitars in Athens and what prices are like? I would be fine with either renting or buying a guitar, but it's not like I have $1000 to blow. I just got my LTD this summer anyway, so I'm not really in the market for something amazing. I'm just looking for something cheap that I can tolerate playing for 4 months. I'll be staying in an apartment with other people, so I probably won't even want an amp. Unless I am able to form a band in Athens...that would be awesome

but yea, any info on the best way to get a guitar in Greece would be appreciated. I have searched online a lot but haven't found much (perhaps all the sites are in Greek and that's why I can't find them :P)
You could buy a Bouzouki ...
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If you will return home with the guitar you will not be charged duty. They put it in your passport and you must return with it.
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hey thanks! for the first one at least... :p

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If you will return home with the guitar you will not be charged duty. They put it in your passport and you must return with it.

Really? So I can bring a guitar? Because I most certainly will be returning with it... that would certainly make things easier!

guitars are too big to carry-on though aren't they? Do I need to get a special kind of case if I'm going to check it? I have a hard case but I don't know if I need something extra heavy duty or something.
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Get a hardshell flightcase and you'll be fine.

Most convenient way to pack it (for safety, not convenience mind) is to loosen the strings and stuff the case full of soft materials (socks, boxers etc are perfect) especially behind the headstock. When you've finished there should be no spaces underneath the guitar or behind the headstock. Do the same on the top (supporting things like the bridge especially) and you should be fine.

I did this with my Gretsch when I was travelling around the US and Canada, it was then lost and I got it back a week later but in perfect condition

^ That's what the guys at Matt Umanov Guitars told me to do. I'm sure there may be other things but it worked for me.
thanks for the advice. I decided to email the program and ask about the guitar situation, so soon I will know for a fact whether or not they will let me bring it...
Being from Athens I can list you some guitar shops where you could check some guitars, something like a squier maybe. Perhaps I could lend you my old Squier for these months. Up to you..
hey awesome! my first electric was a Squier and it served me well. I still play it occasionally.

still waiting to hear from the program...
if you have owned the guitar for some time (usually 6 months) then you should be able to import and export from country to country as a personal belonging without any charge. make sure you have some evidence of ownership (original receipt is good). check it out with your local customs office.

carrying guitars on aircraft can be a hassle, although the only time i did it (from USA to UK) i checked with airline a few days before the flight and they let me take it into the passenger cabin and stowed it in the galley during the flight.
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