Whats the best way too practice pinch harmonics?

I find I can only ever get them on the very bottom string, and never on any others. Is there any form of practice I can do too correct this?
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The best way I have always found is too keep trying until you can nail it. There's no 'correct' technique exactly so people can only guide you. What you're essentially doing is hitting the string with your pick and then within a split second your thumb. Try doing it on your G string which I always find easiest and just play around with it. NO ONE can do it first try, it takes a fair bit of time to get right but once you get it right it becomes very simple.

Hold your pick so that there is only a tiny fraction of it showing (I use JAZZ3s which are tiny so work very well) and make sure that the skin of your thumb is very close to the end of the pick. When I control my pinch harmonics I move my thumb ever so slightly so that it either touches the string after I play it or it doesn't. The movement is so slight but it is very important.

The most important thing to remember however is that it will eventually come and you shouldn't be disheartened at all if you can't do it yet.
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When you're first learning pinch harmonics, it's mostly experimentation. After a while, it gets to a point where you will know exactly where to hit the string.
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Here is a little tip that helped me. Try using about 1/4 of an inch of the pick but use the side of the pick not the flat side as you would normally do. As soon as the pick strikes the string let your thumb touch the top of the string. When you first try this don't worry about the vibrato. Just listen for the harmonic. Both guys who posted above me have great ideas. It takes time so.......Practice practice practice.
When doing pinch harmonics roll your thumb a little toward the tip of the pick and strike the string, your goal is to get the thumb to hit the string just AFTER the pick. Try watching some videos of people playing pinch harmonics and watch the movement in the right hand, it's quite common to move in a sort of arc (hard to explain with words).
Other than that, try to get the pinch harmonics on various sections of the string, you'll find that some spots (the sweets spots) will be easier to hit the harmonics on. Remember those places and use them when you need to do pinch harmonics.
When you're first practicing it will help you to have distortion on but a good pinch harmonic can be heard even when the guitar is unplugged so once you've worked it out you might want to unplug and play around with them.
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