I'm not sure whether the following lick is called the PG lick, so if someone can clear this up for me...


anyway... i have some problems playing it. I can play typical shred licks on one string at good speeds, but i have problems crossing the strings on some licks on great speeds. i play without anchoring the pinky most of the time, and i pick from the wrist.
I just need some advices to get to the next level of picking. Thanks
If you need to get to the next level of picking, check out some of the Paul Gilbert lesson videos on Youtube, they're extremely useful
Angling the pick is is a good idea to make alternate picking easier. This lick is a tough one but it will really help you improve your picking skills. Practice is your only option to play it cleanly.
If you want to be a rebel play it on the B string as -7-8-10-12-10-8-7-
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