G'day UG! So I'm in a bit of a dilemma/pickle at the moment ...

on an whim I decided to bid on a Korean LP Custom, Goldtop finish circa 1994, for about $255 on ebay. with 9hrs left .....

first up: What can you say about the quality of Korean built LP's at that time??
secondly: Is this finish usual, or rather, was it even available at that time?? I've been looking around the webz to no avail

and last and quite possibly most urgent: WHAT THE HELL DO I DO, if I end up winning and it shows up at my door a few days later??? I can say without a doubt that people will be pissed. Bricks will be shat. =|

link here:

[EDIT] have i bid on a lemon? is it even worth the 255 of my dollars? =\
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Looks pretty good, I always like high end Korean made stuff comparing to the cheap American made stuff.

So it could be pretty good. I'm guessing if its 1994, and that pic does make it look pretty cared for. But still, it doesn't look custom. I personally wouldn't buy it, because I don't like goldtop les pauls...
A friend of mine traded his Epiphone Goldtop for an LTD KH-602, I think his was a '89 though. If that makes much difference? I'm sure he said something about it being Korean. So yeah, that's a good value up for you.