guy this is a song I made a long time ago. C4C please.
im definitely not wasted

but this song is cool and grooves like a rabbit on herpes

ill c4c. if you're cool
otherwise, **** you

RSE is preferred, thanks.

Edit: Oh my god...
Seaworld Disaster.gp4
Seaworld Disaster.mid
Seaworld Disaster.gp5
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What the hell was that?
Total decomposition. Not only that, but it seems like you ran out of ideas. Your stuff was always solid.
This is just very, lacking. No gravitas to it.

I don't mean to be insulting, but I just don't like this piece. I'm all for disjointed madness (I still write in that manner), but there needs to be more propulsion rhythmically, and melodically. Something that will keep me interested in the piece.
My suggestion for this piece is to include more mid frequency registry into the 1st groove riff(s), a bit more chord variation on the groove down after the tempo change (230 tempo, 11/8ths riff), and possible 12 tone technique usage.
If you go atonal, why not go all the way?
Before I start critting you, I got to say that I'm expecting alot. Your song called "Sax Solo" Is my favourite song I've ever heard from these forums.

Ok, I don't really like this very much. Totally pointless. Seriously SUNN O))) is as odd as this. This is too odd with no sense to me. Can't really crit these riffs since can't understand them at all.

Crit mine xD?

yeah, bloodshed, your abit of a hero round here. but this just isnt that great. having said that. there were afew riffs that i did really enjoy