Since: 7 years I have an Morris Les Paul guitar.
Pearl layed on the edges as well as the head of the guitar.

But whats more interesting, It has (also pearl) the Gibson logo on it.

I bought this guitar from a friend for less than 100 guilders.
For me it's working perfect but does anyone have more information regarding to these guitars.

Why does this intrument have the Gibson log on it ?

Hope that someone can tell me.
What do you mean by the Gibson Logo? Do you mean the split diamond inlay under the name on the headstock? It's probably a Lawsuit Era (70s) guitar especially if it has the open book headstock shape.

I have never seen any Morris LP copies but I had a few other brands from that era and they all used the Gibson style and inlays with the exception of the name Gibson. Aria, Ibanez, National, Burny, Hondo, Edwards, Tokia just to name a few stole Gibsons design and put out guitars that were identical to the Gibby LP but had their name on it. A few of them managed to be able to keep using the open book headstock to this day. I would say your Morris has to be a 70s guitar but that is about as close as I can come. Probably a good guitar to hold on to as some lawsuit era LPs can bring a good price used.

i have one too. excelent instrument i did the test and tried a gibson les paul just before i bought mine and the morris was so much softer and easier to play
i tought the had close in the 70s
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