Well I found out someone told my roommate that Iron Maiden were the metal equivalent to Phish (his favorite band) and now he wants to check out some of their stuff. Now I am not necessarily agreeing with this person's assessment of Iron Maiden but I want to try and show him some of their stuff regardless. He almost exclusively listens to jam bands such as Phish, Disco Biscuits and the like so my question is what Iron Maiden album(s) do you think is most in line with his tastes? I'm thinking something with drawn out songs and extended jams.

Also, Number of the Beast probably is a little too metal for him to start out on, although it is regarded as Iron Maiden's 'key album'
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I dont know what Phish sound like so im just picking on of maidens many awesome albums that isnt number
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Number of the beast? I'm frankly ashamed of you guys.

Number of the beast, Killers, and Powerslave.
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So, he wants something that could be classed as progressive, and 'jammy'.

Maybe get him to listen to "A Matter of Life and Death" as the songs are long and more progressive then normal maiden songs.
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Number of the beast? I'm frankly ashamed of you guys.

Number of the beast, Killers, and Powerslave.

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